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2″ FMC beeline baffle type API check valve for oil equipment



  1. API Check valves are mainly used for high-pressure applications and workover equipment.API check valve.
  2. Sizes range from 2″ to 3″. The model of check valve available: D×F70-2″×2″,D×F105-2″×2″,D×F70-3″×3″,D×F105-3″×3″
  3. They are usually installed in high-pressure pipelines for preventing fluid from flowing back. When fluid is pushed back, a retainer plate will automatically close.
  4. Check valves, forged of high-strength alloy steel based on US technologies, are fitted with unions on both ends for easy dismantlement. The retainer plate inside sulfidized with Buna-N has a good sealing effect and a longer service life under high pressure, for conventional or H S environments.
D×F70-2× 2″ 2″dart type check valve 10000psi(70MPa) 2″FIG1002 union
D×F 105-2×2″ 2″dart type check valve 15000psi(105MPa) 2″FIG1502 union
D×F 70-3″×3″ 3″dart type check valve 10000psi(70MPa) 3″FIG1002 union
D×F105-3″×3″ 3″dart type check valve 10000psi(70MPa) 3″FIG1502 union

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API check valve

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