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3″ API Oilfield plug valve/ high pressure plug valve


Forged of quality high strength alloy steel, are low torque valves based on the technologies introduced from SPM. 1″,2″, and 3″ API plug valves with a rated working pressure of 6000,10000,15000 psi(42,70,105MPa) are available.

  • Working surrounding:

They can work in normal temperature, low temperature or H2S environments. The model of plug  valve available: SF42-1″×2″, SF70-1″×2″, SF105-1″×2″, SF42-2″×2″, SF70-2″×2″, SF100-2″×2″, SF42-3″×3″, SF70-3″×3″, SF105-3″×3″,  rated: 6000psi(42MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).

  • Type of end connection:

End connections of API plug valves with sizes in the English system may be union or male/female thread (LP, TBG), and they can be freely connected with products in the international market.

  • The advantage for maintenance:

Can be done without removal, and no special tools are needed for removal.

  • good sealing performance:

Visible: There is a visible positioner where we can see if the valve is open or closed. The brake spring will limit the position of the valve.  3″handwheel opener is suitable for opening in low temperature. Valves can be opened freely and flexibly.

S/N Model Description Rated WPEnd connection
1 SF42-1” 1” plug valve 6000psi 2” male (LP)
2 SF70-1” 1” plug vlave 10000psi 2” male (LP)
3 SF105-1” 1” plug vlave 15000psi 2” male (LP)
4 SF105-1” 1” plug vlave 15000psi 2” union(F*M)
5 SF42-2” 2” plug vlave 6000psi 2” female (LP)
6 SF42-2” 2” plug vlave 6000psi 2” union (F*M)
7 SF70-2” 2” plug vlave 10000psi 2” female (LP)
8 SF105-2” 2” plug vlave 15000psi 2” union (F*M)
9 SF42-3” 3” plug vlave 6000psi 3” female (LP)
10 SF70-3” 3” plug vlave 10000psi 3” female (LP)
11 SF105-3” 3” plug vlave 15000psi 3” union (F*M)

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