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Our company provides all models and sizes of rams, including integral pipe ram,two-piece pipe ram, elliptic ram, blind shear ram, variable ram,weight-bearing ram, H2S-resistant ram, etc.

BOP Part Name for instance:

top sealing, front sealing, pipe ram, blind ram, slip ram, shear ram, spherical packer, bonnet, piston, shell.

  1. For instance technical details:
    1. About aoo Standard: API 16 A and ISO 9001
    2. Rated Pressure: 2000Psi to 15000Psi(14-17 Mpa)
    3. Size: Nominal Bore: 7-1/16″ to 21-1/4″ (179.4mm to 539.75mm)
    4. Type: Shear Ram/ Pipe Ram/ Variable Bore Ram
    5. Usage: Single Ram BOP/ Double Ram BOP/ Three Ram BOP
    6.Brand:Shenkai and Rongsheng.
    7. Imitate: Camaron and Shaffer
    8. U type and SH type

Our company provide all models and sizes VARIABLE BORE,including integal pipe ram,two-piece pipe ram,elliptic ram,blind shear ram,variable ram,weight-bearing ram,H2S-resistant ram etc.


In the structure,in other words, it is divided into annular blowout preventer with spherical plastic core, annular blowout preventer with cone-shaped plastic core, and blowout preventer with tube-shaped plastic core.

Annular BOP top cap and housing are connected by bolts or claw blocks


Our Services

1.First,All products according to API standard..

 2.5-30 days fast delivery to your desitination port.

3.OEM services,can guarantee one year warranty period.

4.In conclusion,less 5000USD, 50% advance, 50% before shipment;more 5000USD, 30% advance, 70% before shipment.

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