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API 16C High Quality Choke and Choke Manifold


API 16C High Quality Choke and for Oil Well Control

Well control choke manifold


Our choke manifold is a necessary device to control the well kick successfully ,and execute the pressure control technology on oil/gas well in the course of drilling.

In fact, we use this device to realize the new drilling-wells technique of balance pressure. which can prevent the pollution of oil-layer, improve the speed of drilling, and control blowout effectively. One end of the device connects with the side flange of the BOP spool.

When BOP closes:

it can control the finite pressure from the casing by adjusting the choke valves opening, so balanced drilling can work under minimum pressure difference.

  • Assembly & structure
  • Our API 16C choke manifold consists of choke valve, gate valve, pipeline, fittings and pressure gauge, etc.
  • Working principle
  • When the pressure rising in the well, fluid in the well can be released,in the utilization of the choke valve opening/closing in the Stopcock to control casing pressure.
  • which can directly blow out through,we are the gate valve as the casing pressure is quite high.
  • Operation requirements

(1)The working pressure of all components in our Stopcock,we should be matched with the working pressure of the BOP stack used.
(2) Stopcock should be installed at the place where operator approach it conveniently, pressure test should be executed as installation, while the sealing test pressure should equal to the rated working pressure;
(3) We’re at work,pipeline should be so smooth and straight as possible, the corner of the pipeline should be made of 120°shaped forged steel bent pipe, which should have an adequately large bore.
(4) The working pressure gauge should be installed.
(5) In winter, the Stopcock is able to work under a low-temperature condition.

  • Technical specifications
  • Working pressure: 2,000psi – 15,000psi
    Nominal bore size: 2 1/16″ to 4 1/16″
    Product specification level: PSL1~PSL4
    Material class: AA-FF
    Performance level: PR1~PR2
    Working medium: Gas, crude, drilling fluid

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