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API Integral Forged Flowline Pup Joint 10FT


1) High pressure straight pipes have four different types: pressure seal, non-pressure seal, integral type and welding type.


2) We can provide 1″~4″ and 1000psi to 15000psi(7MPa to 105MPa) straight pipes. 1m,1.5m,2m,2.5m,2.8m long integral straight pipes are available. We also provide HP straight pipes with other sizes and pressure ratings as per customers’ requirements.


3) The model of Pressure Seal Type: FIG402 union ,FIG602 union ,FIG1002 union ,FIG1502 union ;rated:4000psi(28MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).

4) The model of Non-pressure Seal Type: FIG206 union, FIG602 union,FIG1002 union,FIG1502 union;rated: 2000psi(14MPa)~15000psi(105MPa).

5) The model of Conventional Integral Type: FIG602 union,FIG1002 union,FIG1502 union;rated: 6000psi(42MPa)-15000psi(105MPa).

6) The model of Integral Type for H2S environment: FIG602 union,FIG1002 union,FIG1502 union;rated: 5000psi(35MPa)-10000psi(70MPa).

7) The model of Welded Union Type: FIG402 union,Tr union in metric,FIG602 union,FIG1002 union,FIG1502 union;rated: 4000psi(28MPa)-15000psi(105MPa).

8) The model of Welded Flange Type ; 21/16″flange,29/16″flange,31/8″flange,41/16″flange,31/16″flange;rated: 3000psi(21MPa)-15000psi(105MPa).


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