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Casing hanger


Casing hanger can be divided into slip type and mandrel type. Slip type casing hanger can be divided into WD type slip hanger, cg-21 slip hanger, cg-22 slip hanger and cg-29 slip hanger. It can also be flexibly designed according to customer requirements and actual working conditions. WD slip hanger is used to manually excite slip to jam surface casing. It is used for connection of casing head bottom and is suitable for all kinds of casing. Cg-21 slip hanger can be separated, manually activated rubber seal, and has “H” type packer seal ring to achieve reliable sealing when casing is in suspension or cut-off state. It is used for surface casing or casing with cementing mud returning to the ground, which is suitable for various casing procedures. Cg-22 slip hanger is an annular hanger composed of packer seal ring, slip and support bowl When the casing is suspended, the packer under the slip will automatically seal the casing due to the gravity of the casing string. The deflection of the casing can be reduced by controlling the friction force, which is convenient and economical to install. Compared with conventional hanger, cg-29 slip hanger has larger bearing capacity and smaller casing deflection. Take 80% of the casing collapse resistance or working pressure, take two low value working media: oil, natural gas, mud, gas containing H2S and CO2, working temperature: – 46 ℃ – 121 ℃ (Lu level) specification level: psl1-4 performance level: PR1 ~ 2

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