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Choke Manifold


●Working pressure: 2000Psi~15000Psi
● Nominal diameter: 2-1/16″ ~ 4-1/16″ (52mm ~ 103mm)
● Operating temperature: -46 ℃~121℃ (LU class)
● Working medium: oil, natural gas, mud
● It is the supporting device of the Hydraulic blowout preventer, and the main equipment of controlling blowout, oil and gas well pressure.Through the throttling function of the choke valve to implement the well killing operation, replace the contaminated mud in the well and control the wellhead casing pressure and riser pressure, restore the mud column to the bottom of the well pressure control, prevent overflow;
● Through the pressure relief function of the choke valve, reduce the wellhead pressure, to achieve “soft shut-in”
● Reduce the wellhead casing pressure and protect the wellhead BOP set through the large discharge function of the blowout valve
● Equipped with hydraulic control box, remote control

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