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FLS gate valve


FLS gate valve
FLS flat gate valve is a full bore design, high performance, two-way sealing flat gate valve. It has excellent performance under high pressure. It can be used in well head, Christmas tree, production tree and manifold system from 2000psi to 20000psi. Small fluid resistance: the medium channel inside the valve body is straight through, the medium flows in a straight line, and the fluid resistance is small; the torque is small: the movement direction of the gate valve is vertical to the flow direction of the medium, and the torque can be effectively reduced no matter whether it is opened or closed; the medium can flow in any direction on both sides, which is easy to install, and the gate valve channel is symmetrical on both sides; the structure is compact, the valve has good rigidity, the channel is smooth, and the flow resistance coefficient is small The sealing surface is sprayed with cemented carbide, which has a long service life and a variety of high-performance materials. It is safe and reliable, and easy to operate. The outlet can be divided into thread connection, clamp connection and flange connection.
Basic parameters
Executive standard: API Spec 6A
Nominal size: 1-13 / 16 “~ 7-1 / 16”
Rated pressure: 2000psi ~ 20000psi
Specification level: PSL1 – 4
Performance level: pr1-2
Material grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF, HH
Temperature level: K ~ U

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