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Secondary seal


Secondary seals are used to seal around the production casing stub in the bottom of the bowl of
the tubing head.offers a wide variety of secondary seals below:

PE Secondary Seal

PE secondary seal is installed in the bottom bowl of a casing spool or tubing spool and
retained with a snap wire. The seal is energized when the spool is installed over the
casing stub and the flange connection is finished. It is available not only in standard
API casing sizes, but also nonstandard casing sizes, and it can operate safe and
reliable under 5000 psi.

4-O Secondary Seals

The 4O secondary seals are installed in casing or tubing head spools with the BG
lower internal connection. These bushings are available for applications up to
5,000 psi working pressure.

O-O Secondary Seals

The OO secondary seals consist of two elastomer seals which are installed in
casing or tubing head spools. The OO shape design offer great flexibility to all
internal and external sizes, in casing and tubing head spools.

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