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Operation guide for installing BOP

Table of Contents

I. Purpose

In order to ensure the smooth drilling operation, ensure the quality of blowout preventer installation and construction safety.

  1. Well control equipment
  2. At present, all domestic oil and gas drilling teams must be equipped with blowout preventers, which are four way + double ram bop + ring BOP from bottom to top. The installation combination is shown in FIG. 1. The diameter and pressure of the BOP combination should be the same, and the pressure grade should meet the highest formation pressure.
  3. Both sides of the wellhead are installed with the same pressure level of the blowout preventer, double-wing throttling manifold, killing manifold and blowout pipe. Installation combination is shown in the attached drawing.
  4. The blowout prevention tools in the drill string are the drill pipe back pressure valve, the kelly pipe upper and lower cock, and the drill pipe bypass valve.
  5. The control equipment is the same level of remote console and driller console.
  6. Operating procedures
  7. Personnel organization

a Before the installation of the BOP, a meeting shall be organized by the cadre on duty to divide the personnel and explain the safety measures.

b Well safety supervision for BOP installation must be conducted on-site.

c Each post should wear labor protection supplies in accordance with regulations.

  1. Prepare equipment, facilities, and tools

a Driller is responsible for the inspection and maintenance of the winch brake system to ensure that the brakes are sensitive, safe and reliable.

b The derrick man is responsible for the inspection of the pneumatic winch, and the winch fixing, drum wire rope, hook, etc. meet the safety standards, and ensure the normal operation, and the brake is sensitive and reliable.

c Internal and external fitters and site workers prepare accessories, special tools and special ropes required for the installation of the BOP.

d Internal and external fitters and site workers clean up the construction site under the drill floor.

  1. Install the casing head

a Based on the height of the derrick base, in order to smoothly connect the blowout preventer line.

b The specific installation of the casing head is based on the model of the casing head and the manufacturer’s guidance.

  1. Install the hydraulic BOP group

a The BOP group hydraulic line must be installed behind the wellhead.

b When installing a spill-proof pipe on the top cover of a ring blowout preventer, connect the pipe with bolts and plug the unused threaded holes with screws. Seal the spill-proof pipe and the top cover with a gasket ring or a special rubber ring.

The cBX ring can only be used once and must be replaced whenever it is removed from the flange.

d After the BOP is installed, the wellhead must be calibrated. The deviation between the center of the turntable and the crane is not greater than 10mm. The BOP is taut on the diagonal of the derrick base with a 16mm wire rope.

e The manual operating lever of the ram must be installed, and the end of the handwheel should be firmly supported, and the deviation between the operating lever and the center line of the locking shaft should not be more than 30 degrees.

f To hoist the BOP, use a special rope sleeve to ensure that the rope sleeve is firmly hung and the hanging position should be appropriate.

g There should be a special person at the bottom of the drill floor, and the driller should know the condition of the drill floor before performing the next operation.

  1. Control device installation

a The remote console shall be installed in a special mobile room at the left front of the well site not less than 25m from the wellhead, and a pedestrian passage 2m wide shall be maintained. Flammable, explosive and corrosive materials shall not be piled up within 10m of the surrounding area.

b All pipelines must be blown clean with compressed air before installation of pipe racks. The distance between pipe racks and blowout prevention pipelines during installation is not less than 1m. When cars need to cross, they must be installed over the vehicle bridge plate.

c The installation of the gas cable should be placed in a special position on the side of the pipe rack, or set up from the air, and the excess cable tray should be placed on the pipe rack near the remote station, and forced bending and bending are strictly prohibited.

d The driller’s console is mounted on the side of the driller’s operating table and is securely secured.

e Special lines for air supply applications for the driller console and remote console are connected to the remote console and the driller console, respectively.

f The power supply to the remote console must be led directly from the main switch of the power distribution board in the generation house and controlled by a separate switch.

g The blowout preventer and rig gas path linkage safety device must be installed, that is, the drill pipe anti-breaking device. The device button box is installed on the rig operating platform, and its gas path is in parallel with the anti-collision crown-block gas path.

h The connection lines between the driller’s console, remote console and BOP should be clean and properly connected when connected.

  1. Install anti-spray manifold and blowout line
  2. Anti-spray manifold

The dual four-way anti-spray manifold includes a pipeline inside the 1#, 4#, 5# and 8# manual gate valves; The single four-way blowout preventer manifold is the pipeline inside the throttling and killing manifold.

a When the double four-way connection is adopted, the lower blowout preventer pipeline should be considered, and the lower blowout preventer pipeline can pass smoothly from the I-beam of the base respectively, and all pipelines are not allowed to cut and weld.

b Water injection, fire extinguishing, well killing four or three way installed on the side of the driller’s console, hydraulic gate valve installed in front of the throttle manifold.

c1#, 4#, 5#, 8# gate valves are installed outside the base of the derrick, and the double-sided flanges of the pressure gauge are installed between the pipeline flanges within the 1#, 4#, 5#, 8# gate valves. The stop valves and pressure gauges adapted to the working pressure are installed on the flanges.

d If the length of the nozzle manifold exceeds 6m, the base pier should be fixed.

  1. Release the spray line

The double four-way injection pipe includes 1#, 4#, 5#, 8# manual gate valve other than the pipe; The single four-way blowout line is a line other than throttling and killing manifold.

a The layout of the blowout prevention pipeline should consider the local seasonal wind direction, residential areas, roads and various facilities.

b The distance between the outlet of the blowout pipeline and the wellhead shall not be less than 75m, the minimum inner diameter of the pipeline shall not be less than 78mm, the bend shall be prefabricated, the Angle of the turn of the pipeline shall be allowed to use a 90° cast steel right Angle elbow, and the connection of the pipeline shall not be allowed to be welded and cut.

The point distance of cement base pier of c blowout pipeline is 10-15m. Cement base pier should be used to fix the corner and exit of the blowout pipeline, and the hanging place of blowout pipeline should be firmly supported.

When the direction of the blowout pipeline is consistent, the distance between the two pipelines shall be greater than 0.3m.

  1. Cement base pier

The cement foundation pit (length * width * depth) is 0.8m×0.8m×1.0m, and when the ground is soft, the foundation pit should be greater than 1.0m×1.0m×1.2m.

  1. Mud gas separator

The inlet of the mud gas separator is connected to the outlet of the throttling manifold with a standard line. The recovery drilling fluid line is connected to the circulating tank No. 1. Before the vacuum degassing device, the contact point with the tank is covered with square wood or rubber and fixed. The separated gas is diverted to a safe area outside the well site.

  1. After installation, rinse the pipeline with clean water to make each pipeline smooth.
  2. Pressure test of the anti-spray manifold according to the same pressure level of the equipment, and pressure test of the blowout pipeline according to 1OMPa.
  3. Install throttling and kill manifold

① throttling and killing manifold body

a throttle manifold is installed horizontally on the basis of the outside of the 8 # valve of the double four-way or the 4# valve of the single four-way. If it is a foundation pit, it should be drained well.

b Kill manifold is mounted horizontally on the outside of a double quad 5# or single quad 1# valve.

② Throttle manifold console

a The throttle manifold console is installed on the drill floor above the throttle manifold, and the casing pressure gauge and its transmitter are installed on the five passes of the throttle manifold; The riser pressure transmitter is installed perpendicular to the drill floor, and the pump counter and sensor are installed according to the instructions.

b The air supply line to the console is controlled by a special gate valve, and all liquid and gas lines should be cleaned and numbered when connected with quick couplings.

Iv. Appendix

1 packer group installation assembly diagram

2 Throttle manifold installation assembly diagram

3 Kill manifold installation assembly

Attached: Installation diagram of well packer group

Attached: Throttle manifold installation assembly diagram

Attached: Kill manifold installation assembly diagram


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