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Overview of drilling technology

After the exploration of petroleum workers will find oil storage block, the use of special equipment and technology, in the pre-selected surface location, down or one side to drill a

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Special completion

1. Completion of tight and fractured reservoirs Tight reservoirs generally refer to low permeability sandstone layers with permeability between 0.01~0.001μm2. The reservoir is mainly of pore-fracture type and fracture-pore type,

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Basic summary of completion technology

According to the geological characteristics of oil and gas reservoirs and the technical requirements of development and exploitation, the process of establishing a reasonable communication channel or way between the

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Manifold 1. CHOKE KILL MANIFOLD Definition and composition. A manifold is an assembly form the intersection of multiple pipes. 2. Classification Common manifolds include choke manifold, kill manifold, mud manifold,

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safety slip

Slip hanger-Wellhead Equipment

1. Mandrel hanger/slip hanger We have the mandrel type hanger is equivalent to a casing coupling, no need to cut the casing (both W and WE type), save trouble. And

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