API 6A valve, Christmas tree, API 16A blowout preventer, manifold…

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Manifold 1. CHOKE KILL MANIFOLD Definition and composition. A manifold is an assembly form the intersection of multiple pipes. 2. Classification Common manifolds include choke manifold, kill manifold, mud manifold,

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safety slip

Slip hanger-Wellhead Equipment

1. Mandrel hanger/slip hanger We have the mandrel type hanger is equivalent to a casing coupling, no need to cut the casing (both W and WE type), save trouble. And

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on-site valve checking

Introduction to sucker rod

Solid Steel Sucker Rod can be divided: Polished Rod, Sucker Rod, High Strength Sucker Rod, Sinker Bar and Coupling. 1.Polished rod use Polished rod is mainly used to connect the

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petroleum valve

Casing head-Wellhead Equipment

Casing head overview Wellhead devices refer to Christmas trees.tubing heads,drive heads and related accessories, and are oil production equipment used for suspension, support, control, and adjustment. As an important equipment

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