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Mud Pump Piston


Designed to meet pressures of 7500 psi and temperature up to 220 degrees F,

Proven, reliable performance in every piston,
Resistant to high pressure, abrasion, heat and extrusion,
Trusted on the largest domestic and international rigs in the world,
Averages 30%+ longer life than other mud pump pistons,
Multi-durometer bonded urethane allows for longer piston life,
“Bull nose” lip design seals for less ‘squirt’ which reduces flush system contamination,
Superior lip and cut back hub design reduces wear on the liner dramatically lowering mud pump operating costs,
Available in a custom wooden box for protection during shipping,
*not suited for clear or sea water uses.

piston 4 1/2 LL-44-B15 National 7-P- 50 23.91 143.46
piston 5″ LL-50-B15 National 7-P- 50 24.69 148.14
piston 5 1/2″ LL-54-B15 National 7-P- 50 25.46 152.76
pistones 4″ LL-40-K15 Gardner 23.14 208.26
Denver PAH-8
pistones 4 1/2″ LL-44-B15 Gardner 23.94 215.46
Denver PAH-8

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