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Introduction to sucker rod

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Solid Steel Sucker Rod can be divided: Polished Rod, Sucker Rod, High Strength Sucker Rod, Sinker Bar and Coupling.

1.Polished rod use

Polished rod is mainly used to connect the donkey head hair braid and downhole sucker rod, the wellhead seal of stuffing box, and pass the ground reciprocating power to downhole sucker rod. Polished rod according to the intensity is divided into: C, D and K. Class C used in light – load well, D for – heavy load in the oil well, K has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance. – heavy load in the well, commonly used end upsetting type of polished rod and rod matching specification see table below:

End upsetting type of polished rod and the matching sucker rod
End upsetting type of polished rod22  25  29  32  38

2.Usage and choose

Sucker rod is used for connecting the polished rod and pump, and pass the ground power to pump. Common sucker rod according to the comprehensive mechanical properties can be divided into: C, D, K level 3. The selection of sucker rod and the deep (or length), the performance of diameter and sucker rod pump itself.
Increase the diameter of rod is a kind of ontology of sucker rod, for between sucker rod and pump in order to prevent the rod string compression bending failure, to improve the life of the sucker rod and pump efficiency.

3.Storage, packaging and matters that should be paid attention to in use process.

①During the loading and unloading work should pay attention to prevent the sucker rod or carved its end caused by knock against injury, bending or damage due to protect silk squeezed thread, cannot make it produce more permanent kink or bending, deformation. Torsion, bending, or moment of sucker rod belongs to the permanent damage, should be discarded.
②Delivery of the goods, on the product coupling end of thread protector cap, before the well should not take off, to avoid the rod head is damaged.

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