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Slip hanger-Wellhead Equipment

safety slip

Table of Contents

1. Mandrel hanger/slip hanger

We have the mandrel type hanger is equivalent to a casing coupling, no need to cut the casing (both W and WE type), save trouble.

And even hang the casing without opening the blowout preventer, solving the wellhead suspension sealing problem.

However, it is necessary to calculate the casing depth to avoid bottoming.

Generally used in relatively stable production wells.

For instance,the mandrel-type hanger is used,with the threaded casing head, and the corresponding slip-type hanger can also be replaced.

The sealing principle of the mandrel hanger with metal,and rubber seal on the casing head is the same as that of the mandrel hanger.

With metal and rubber seal on the tubing head.

2. Slip hanger

a.The structure of the slip hanger,The mandrel hanger is mainly composed of slips (four equal parts), slip seat (two equal parts), rubber seal (two equal parts), support seat (two equal parts) and so on.

b. The working principle of mandrel hanger.

Hold the two halves of the mandrel hanger around the casing, and put it into the casing head hole as a whole to make,the slips tightly clamp the casing.

Under the action of the self-weight of the casing,and the taper of the slips, the slips.The more wedged the tighter, the tighter the slips on the casing.

The rubber seal is deformed under its own weight to form a seal between,the casing and the casing head body.

c. Inverted slip hanger,The inverted mandrel hanger seat is bolted,to the lower part.

Of the casing head body, and the slips are put down after the casing is installed,in the BT sealing ring, so that the slips can be tightly clamped on the casing.

Which plays a role in the self-weight and taper of the casing .

I have the more wedged the slip, the tighter the slip, the tighter the slip on the casing.

Slip hangers
1. WE type slip hangers Generally speaking, the WE type slip hanger is used for the surface layer.

And its characteristics are: large size, the air pressure of the sealing ring is not too high,(compared to the W type).

Another situation is:

the casing cannot be lifted and lowered by cementing,(this is a prerequisite for the W-type hanger).

WE can be passive

(the casing does not move, the hanger is movable and sealed, and the seal is activated manually instead of by the hanging weight ).

The installation is sealed and remedied.

If you don’t,care about factors such as hanging weight and sealing.

WE type and W type with the same size,and the same manufacturer can generally be interchanged.


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