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The working principle of the blowout preventer

blowout preventer

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Annular BOP

Our annular blowout preventer is named because of its sealing element, the rubber core ring.

Also known as Universal BOP, Multi-Purpose BOP or Spherical BOP.

We have according to the shape of the rubber core, we can be divided into:

conical annular BOP, spherical annular BOP, cylindrical annular BOP.

Annular BOP function

  • 1)  Above all,there is a pipe string in the well.
  • a rubber core can be used to seal,the annular space formed by the pipe string and the wellhead;
  • 2)We let the wellhead can be completely sealed when the well is empty;
  • 3) In the process of drilling and milling, grinding sleeves, logging and salvaging wells.
  • if overflow or blowout occurs, the space formed by the kelly, cables, wire ropes, tools for handling accidents and the wellhead can be sealed ;
  • 4) With the cooperation of pressure reducing,and pressure regulating valve or small accumulator.
  • it can forcibly lift,and lower the 18° butt welded pipe string joint without fine buckle;
  • 5) In case of serious overflow or blowout.
  • it is used to cooperate with ram BOP and choke manifold to realize soft shut-in.

Ram blowout preventer

The ram blowout preventer uses hydraulic pressure to push the well sealing element.

two rams with rubber cores, from the left and right sides to the center of the wellbore to seal the wellhead,.

so it is called the ram blowout preventer.

We have according to the number of rams, it can be divided into: single ram BOP, double ram BOP, and triple ram BOP;

According to the ram function, it can be divided into: fully enclosed ram BOP, semi-enclosed ram BOP, shear ram BOP, variable diameter ram BOP;

I have according to the locking method, it can be divided into: manual locking ram BOP, hydraulic locking ram BOP;

We have according to the side door switch mode, it can be divided into: rotary side door ram blowout preventer, linear motion side door ram blowout preventer.

Ram BOP function

  • 1) I have made there is a drilling tool in the well.
  • a semi-closed ram corresponding to the size,of the drilling tool can be used to seal the annular space at the wellhead;
  • 2) There is no drilling tool in the well, the fully sealing ram can fully seal the wellhead;
  • 3) It is necessary to cut the drilling tools in the well,and completely seal the wellhead.
  • the shearing ram can be used to cut the drilling tools in the well to completely seal the wellhead;
  • 4) The ram of some ram BOPS are allowed to bear weight,and can be used to suspend drilling tools;
  • 5) Have the side holes on the shell of the ram blowout preventer, which can be used for throttling and pressure relief;
  • 6) In conclusion,Ram BOP can be used to seal wells for a long time.

16A Annular BOP
Annular BOP Ram BOP


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