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API 6A wellhead and christmas tree equipment for oil production


  1. Tree equipment, fixed drilling wellhead, connecting wellhead casing string, sealing and controlling casing annulus, hanging tubing, controlling wellhead.The pressure and flow rate can be adjusted, and the oil can be diverted into the outlet pipe, and the oil well can be closed if necessary Pressure, water injection and test services
  2. It consists of casing head, tubing head and tree equipment
  3. Suitable for all kinds of casing, tubing schemes and connection forms
  4. Can be equipped with (pneumatic) hydraulic safety valve
  5. Working pressure: 2000psi-15000 psi
  6. Fluids used: oil, natural gas, mud, gases containing H2S and CO2.
  7. Operating temperature: -46℃-121℃ (LU class)
  8. Material grade: AA, BB, CC, DD, EE, FF


product name Tree equipment
Working Pressure 2000~10000psi
working medium Oil, natural gas, mud and gases containing H2S and CO2
operating temperature -46°C~121°C(LU级)
Material grade AA、BB、CC、DD、EE、FF、HH
Specification grade PSL1-4
performance rate PR1 – PR2

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