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Drill Pipe Elevator


Our CD side latch drill pipe elevators are designed for efficient handling of square shoulder drill pipes in oil and gas drilling operations. Made from high-quality alloy steel, these elevators are heat-treated and NDT tested to ensure durability and reliability.

The rated loads range from 125t (1125kN) to 500t (4500kN), covering pipe sizes from 2 3/8EU to 5 1/2IEU; OD, IU, EU, or IEU. The link ears conform to API elevator links, and the elevators bear the API monogram as per API requirements. They are also marked with the size of the drill pipe and the rated working capacity.

With our API Type Center Latch Drill Pipe Elevator, you can trust in its strength and performance to handle your drilling needs effectively. Whether you’re working in the oil field or well drilling, these elevators are the ideal choice for safe and efficient operations.

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