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API 6A six side lets frac heads goad head for fracturing tree


Whether it’s drop ball, plug, perforate, screw or conventional fracturing heads, we can manufacture fracturing heads in any configuration to meet our customers’ needs. SGPE offers a wide range of frac heads in sizes up to 7 1/16 “and pressures up to 15,000 psi. All fracturing head equipment is maintained and certified according to API standards. SGPE offers many different configurations using manual and/or hydraulic valves, depending on the specific requirements of the customer.

type detail
size 4 1/16”、5 1/8”、7 1/16”
exit angle 40° or 60°
Socket options 4~6
outlet size 3 1/16” 至 4 1/16”
work stress 5 psi ~ 15 psi
operating temperature -46℃-121℃
Material grade AA – HH
Specification grade PSL-1 ~ PSL-4
performance rate PR-1 ~ PR-2
connect Flanges and studs

We can produce fracturing heads (frac heads) designed and manufactured in strict accordance with API 6A and API Spec Q1 standards. Sheep’s head fracturing adapters are commonly used on fracturing trees and towers in fracturing operations and are usually attached with stud and flange ends. Frac heads are available in a variety of sizes and inlets for connecting multiple frac lines into the frac tree.


Our factory has its own 29 patented technologies, can provide product customization and OEM. Welcome to inquire.

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