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Electric Control System For Mechanical Drilling Rig


I. Product Overview
The power grid power supply device for mechanical drilling rigs generates electricity through diesel engines, converting all the power of the drilling rig system from the original diesel engine drive to diesel power generation drive. Functionally, it can be divided into two major parts: diesel engine power supply system and power grid power supply system. The power grid power supply system mainly consists of high-voltage cables, high-voltage switch cabinets, transformers, low-voltage switch cabinets, low-voltage cables, industrial air conditioners, housing, etc. According to needs, the internal of the power grid power supply device for mechanical drilling rigs can integrate the dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering device for drilling rigs developed by our company to further optimize the power supply and distribution network environment of the drilling rig.
II. Main Characteristics
  1. The product introduces power generating units to provide power for the drilling rig, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.
  2. The product can be adjusted and switched according to the generator voltage and power grid voltage, and is suitable for different high-voltage power grids. The low voltage can output two voltages simultaneously, providing power for drilling power and domestic electricity respectively.
  3. The product adopts on-load voltage regulation mode to meet the online adjustment of the drilling operation voltage when the voltage is too high or too low.
  4. The skid-mounted motor unit of the product has the same size as the diesel unit. When the power grid conditions are not met, the motor unit and the diesel unit can be interchanged.
  5. The product can realize manual and automatic start-stop, paralleling, emergency stop control in three locations, as well as alarm, protection, and remote monitoring functions.
  6. The product’s transmission system can achieve stepless speed regulation with constant torque for the power unit and stable and balanced synchronous paralleling.
  7. The high-voltage switch cabinet of the product adopts a medium-voltage or box-type switch cabinet, with complete protection functions, five-prevention functions and remote signaling functions at the background. The cabinet has equipotential, lightning protection, smoke and fire detection, power quality monitoring, power metering and alarm functions.
  8. The housing of the product adopts the skid-mounted container design, which is convenient for road and sea transportation. It is anti-corrosive and sturdy, and is suitable for frequent relocations and use in the harsh field conditions of oil fields.
  9. The product has an extremely high degree of integration. During the relocation of the well team, only the high and low-voltage cables need to be disassembled and installed, which can realize a fast and safe connection with the drilling rig system, with small installation and maintenance workload.
  10. This product can be perfectly matched with the dynamic reactive power compensation and filtering device for drilling rigs produced by our company, so that the power quality level of the system meets national standards.
III. Main Technical Parameters
  1. Rated capacity: 1600kVA, 2500kVA, 3150kVA, 4000kVA or customized by customers
  2. Rated voltage: Primary side: 6kV, 10kV, 35kV
    Secondary side: 600V or 690V/400V
  3. Rated frequency: 50Hz
  4. Power unit: Rated power ≥ 1000kW, rated torque ≥ 7345N.M, rated speed ≥ 1300r/min
  5. Transmission scheme: DC speed regulation + DC motor unit or AC variable frequency speed regulation + AC motor unit
  6. Metering method: Power quality monitoring, power metering
  7. Transformer type: Dry-type, oil-immersed type
  8. Transformer voltage regulation: On-load voltage regulation ± 4×2.5%
  9. Housing structure: Skid-mounted type, the frame is continuously welded with structural steel, and the external wall panel is not less than 3mm steel plate
  10. Cooling mode: High and low voltage chambers: Industrial air conditioner air cooling; Transformer chamber: Forced air cooling, natural cooling
  11. Protection grade: IP33DH/IP33D/IP23DH (High voltage chamber/Low voltage chamber/Transformer chamber) or customized by users (higher)
  12. Operating temperature: -20℃ to 50℃ (When it exceeds 45℃, the equipment automatically reduces capacity for operation)
  13. Relative humidity: The maximum daily average is 95%, and the maximum monthly average is 90%.
  14. Applicable altitude: ≤ 2000m (When it is between 2000 and 4000m, the capacity should be reduced by 1% for every 100m increase)


Note: Other voltage grades, capacities and housing sizes can be customized according to customer requirements.

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