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New Oil Field Equipment q for Mud Pump Winch Rotary Table


Self Developed Electric Control System For Drilling Rig

Our company has a complete electric control system, including the electric control system for drilling rigs, the electric control
system for workover rigs, high-power motors for oil drilling rigs, the electrification transformation and services for mechanical
drilling rigs, and the automatic drilling rig control system. We own the world-leading driller’s control room, top drive electric
control system, and VFD/SCR electric control system. Through our advanced electric control modules, fully automated operation is
realized, which is applicable to various generator sets and is equipped with DC motors, AC variable frequency motors, and AC
variable frequency direct drive motors. At the same time, we provide a comprehensive electrification transformation service for
mechanical drilling rigs. We have a professional team of engineers to conduct on-site transformation and upgrade services for you.
According to your existing equipment, we can flexibly configure and combine to meet the power demands of the drilling rig. Our
factory holds forty-four invention patents and various technical certifications. Welcome to visit us on the spot!

AC and DC motor

Our company has developed high-power DC series-excited motors with power ranging from 600 kilowatts to 2,000 kilowatts, and high-power AC variable-frequency motors with power ranging from 600 kilowatts to 5,000 kilowatts. These motors can be used as mud pump motors, rotary table motors or winch motors for electric drilling rigs, and can be widely applied in stepless speed regulation drive systems in other industries.
Partial AC and DC motor product parameters table:
For our variable-frequency/DC motors, we have a world-leading self-developed electronic control system, which enables the adjustable and controllable speed and torque of our motors and can be customized according to your needs.

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