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Driller’s Cabin


Integrated InstrumentsThe instrument is used for the acquisition, display, analysis, and storage of various drilling data at the drilling site.
It uses a new type of touchscreen to centrally display all parameters, allowing the driller to conveniently operate through the touchscreen.
Performance FeaturesUser-friendly human-machine display interface.
Parameters can be displayed in different interfaces such as numerical, graphical, and instrument displays according to customer requirements.
A database is used for storage to ensure complete data retention.
LAN connection allows data transmission between multiple remote terminals at the well site and the drilling console for easy monitoring.


Automated Drilling Rig Control SystemThe automated drilling rig control system consists of a positive pressure explosion-proof cabin, 2 sets of integrated seats, a PLC cabinet, a positive pressure explosion-proof system, explosion-proof air conditioning, ccTV, etc.System FeaturesAll hydraulic and pneumatic controls of the drilling rig are replaced with electronic controls.
The traditional winch control method is replaced with joystick control, and the control of the rotary table, mud pump, and other equipment is replaced with touchscreen control integrated into the integrated seats, providing a simple, convenient, and intuitive control mode.
The operating system utilizes a graphical interface and process-oriented operations.
Integrated display and control of drilling rig electrical control system parameters, drilling parameter measurement, travelling block collision prevention and related interlocks, travelling block speed control and winch control, derrick lifting control and protection, tension warning and protection, top drive collision and scratch prevention, and other equipment warning and protection functions.
Integrated display and control of data for automated drilling rig equipment such as power catwalk, drill floor manipulator, power slips, iron roughneck, hydraulic cathead, and second-floor platform manipulator.
Integrated CCTV functionality.
The electrical control system and integrated seats form two independent communication systems that are compatible, interchangeable, and serve as backups for each other.

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