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Operation guide for installing BOP

I. Purpose In order to ensure the smooth drilling operation, ensure the quality of blowout preventer installation and construction safety. a Before the installation of the BOP, a meeting shall

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Knowledge base of drill assembly

The drill string concept Drill string is a general term for all downhole drilling tools from kelly to drill bit, consisting of kelly, drill pipe, drill collar, stabilizer joint and

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Introduction to BOP structure

BOP stands for Blowout Preventer. The main role of BOP is to ensure the safe operation of coiled tubing equipment, prevent well fluid ejection, and protect the formation, personnel and

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Plug valve is a relatively simple structure of the valve, fluid direct flow through, small resistance, easy to open and close, rapid, suitable for slurry, viscosity and corrosive media. 1.Structural

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Check valves are used to prevent the reverse flow of fluid. The principle of operation of the check valve is that the valve is opened by the flow of fluid,

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Valves are essential components of oil refining and petrochemical pipeline systems. Its primary function is to connect and cut off the logistics, and adjust the pressure, flow, emptying, and discharging,

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